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Our Services

On the first visit, we will meet with you at the site to discuss your vision for the area. We need to understand your desires for the area's use, such as privacy, wind blocks, outdoor rooms, sustainability, entertainment, pet and game areas, pools, and water features, vegetable gardens, lighting, drainage, utility areas, and extra parking. Also discussed, are your preferences for design style, color and etc. After the interview we will measure the site and return to the office to begin the conceptual development.

On the second visit, you will see a preliminary drawing sketch. We'll discuss plant colors, textures, hardscape materials, and visualize the over all design concept to your tastes and needs.

At the third visit the plan is ready for presentation including:

  • Detailed design plan
  • Reading of the plan
  • Detailed description of plants
  • Pictures of specific plants
  • List of reliable contractors
  • Description of hardscape

Every design plan is created using professional landscaping software.

The entire process takes approximately two to three weeks for an average sized property, depending on workload.

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